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What is "International Food & Beverage Translator"? Print E-mail

A translation software for food and beverage terminology. It has been specially developed for the food and tourism industry aiming at effectively and safely assisting professionals to translate easily and quickly their menus for their international customers.

It is comprehensive, covering more than 12,500 terms per language.

The standard multilingual package supports 4 languages with more than 50,000 translated terms in total:

  English  Italian

  French  German

Specialised terminology translation has always been a difficult task, requiring both extra time and money. In the food and beverage industry, this is quite a delicate matter. Food selection has always been a personal matter and restaurant/bar customers feel insecure when they are not sure about what they are ordering.

Up to now, it was very difficult to provide a multilingual menu for food and beverages in a restaurant or bar. At the very best of cases, the menu was available in English. Is this enough though when the restaurant is expecting a group of customers from an exotic country? What if extra choices or variations are added to the menu?

With the “International Food & Beverage Translator” all restrictions are waived and all the problems are solved. Professionals may very quickly have their menu at hand, in any of the supported languages. Are you expecting a group of French, Russian, Japanese visitors? No problem. Create a menu in the language of your choice minutes before the group arrives, even if there are special arrangements or any last-minute changes for the particular group.

The translation of terms was performed by linguists with extensive knowledge of each language. Linguists were native speakers of the languages they translated into. The terms are proofread and you can be sure that their translation is precise. Your customers may now safely order anything they wish from a menu they can read in their native tongue or any language they feel confident with.

Installation and use

The installation of the software is simple whether you install from the CD-ROM or use the files you downloaded from the Internet. It is a stand-alone application and requires no connection to the Internet (except if you want to upgrade/update the software and/or termbase).

Users may select their mother tongue or a language of habitual use. The terms are categorized in 40 different groups so that the users may easily identify the ones that need translation. After selecting the terms for translation, the software will translate all selected terms in the available languages with just one click.

The results can be displayed in many different layouts so that you can select the layout you wish. In any case, you may copy and paste them in your own document and format them in any way you wish; for example you may paste them to your own menu design application.

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