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Each supported language is available in the form of a system file. When such file is installed in the same folder as the software, it is automatically recognised and thereafter all translations can also be performed to that specific language.

The standard package consists of the software, auxiliary files and a group of basic languages so that the system is fully functional and useful. The standard package may well cover your needs. However, if your needs impose the use of other, more “exotic” languages, then you may purchase and install this extra language. The software will recognise it immediately and you shall also be able to translate to that language.

Languages in the standard package

The standard package comes with 4 languages:
  English  Italian

  French  German

Additional languages

Apart from the above languages included in the standard package, you may select and purchase the following languages:
  Russian  Spanish


You only need to install them to be able to translate to these languages too. It is necessary to have this standard package installed since it includes the software on which these language files will run.

Language modules under development

Apart from the above languages that are currently available, the following language modules are also under development:
  Chinese  Arabic  Norwegian  Bulgarian
  Japanese  Swedish  Danish  Polish
  Romanian  Albanian  Finnish  Hebrew

As soon as all processes in each language are complete, the languages shall be available for purchase.
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