International Food & Beverage Translator

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Click on the links below to download the installation files for the trial version of “International Food & Beverage Translator”. Install the main software with the basic languages, add extra languages if you wish and test the software. Should you think that it meets your needs, you may visit the site again and order the commercial package.

  Software and basic languages package download (Jul 21, 2008)

Store this file in your hard disk and open it, run the software and use it.

  Download additional languages

(Jul 21, 2008)
(Jul 21, 2008)

(Jul 21, 2008)

After downloading the software and basic languages package, you may also download any of the above languages. Install the files on the same folder as the main package.

  Download User's Manual
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  • English
  • Greek

Windows XP / Vista




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